J Global Consulting Co., Ltd. / Nakagawa tax accounting firm

Company Profile

J Global Group is an accounting firm which provides a wide range of accounting and tax services to help meet all our client’s needs.

Managing Director:
Nakagawa Toshimi
Licensed tax accountant (Japan)


Nakagawa started out his career in 2000 with a private accounting firm and KPMG in Tokyo. He joined AGS and setup international department in Tokyo and Singapore office. In 2016, he came back from Singapore to Tokyo and be the managing director of J Global Group. His extensive experiences assist clients with their business, accounting and taxation needs.

company’s outline

Corporate Name:J Global Consulting Co., Ltd.
Locations:TSR Building3F,1-20-9, Nishishinbashi,Minatoku,Tokyo,Japan
Managing Director:Nakagawa Toshimi Licensed tax accountant (Japan)